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UHPD 15W/40 E9

Heavy duty diesel engine oil

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UHPD 15w/40 E9 is a heavy duty diesel engine oil formulated to meet the severe lubrication requirements demanded by Mercedes Benz, Cummins and Volvo. It has been formulated to meet the demands of Euro 4 and Euro 5. UHPD 15w/40 E9 is a blend of solvent refined base oils, viscosity index improvers, pour point depressants, and an innovative additive system.


Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C 14.39 ̊C
Kinematic Viscosity @ 45°C 106.02 ̊C
SG @ 15.5°C 0.887 ̊C
Flash point 210┬░C
Pour Point -31┬░C
Viscosity Index 139