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EP 80W90 GL-5

Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Gear oils

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GEAR OIL EP 80w/90 API GL5 are high performance Heavy Duty Extreme Pressure Gear oils which exceed the performance requirements of API classification API GL5, which calls for gear lubricants possessing High Load Carrying Capacity, intended for Gearboxes, Spiral Bevel Axles, and in particular Axles with Hypoid Gears, operating under Severe Conditions of High Speed/High Load, and High Speed/Shock Load service.


Kinematic Viscosity @ 100┬░C 14
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40┬░C 135
ISO Viscosity Grade 110
Specific gravity @ 15┬░C (IP 160) 0.890
Closed Flash Point (C.O.C)┬░C 195