Synthetic C4 5W/30

Fully synthetic multigrade engine oil

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Synthetic C4 5W/30 is a low SAPS (Sulphated Ash Phosphorus and Sulphur) fully synthetic multigrade engine oil. Low SAPS additive technology ensure optimum performance of emission control equipment including diesel particulate filters (DPF) and Three Way Catalyst (TWC). The additive technology also provide long term emission system protection, ensuring a high level of constant pollution control thereby minimising environmental damage and long term wear protection.


Kinematic Viscosity @ 100┬░C 11.8
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40┬░C 67.3
Viscosity Index 165
Pour Point ̊C -45
Sulphated ash (% w/w) 0.773
TBN (mg KOH / g) 7.8
Flash Point COC (┬░C) 212